Medical Clinic in Scarborough

Clinic History
The walk-in clinic of One-Stop & Boniface Park Medical Centres of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, began as an “urgent medical care” clinic over 40 years ago. We are now a fully staffed and professionally equipped walk-in clinic, treating multiple ailments and health conditions of entire families at our two locations. We are the medical clinic Scarborough relies on.

Plus, our walk-in clinic is open 7 days per week.

One-Stop & Boniface Park Medical Centres aim to be the model of an independent primary care medical clinic. We will continually strive to implement new and expanded services available for all patients in our medical clinic. This includes access to primary and specialty care, and comprehensive on-site medical tests and other services. We will achieve size and stature, and welcome new and old patients without compromising healthcare needs. We will also aim to have an array of services available to patients, without compromising the prestige of the quality of our services.