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One-Stop Medical Centre
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Fax: 416-431-0648

Boniface Park Medical Centre
Unit 2 T
Phone: 416-430-0010
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Unit 7 & 8 T
Phone: 416-264-3443
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Discover One-Stop & Boniface Park Medical Centres in Scarborough, ON

All 4 of the One-Stop Travel Clinic locations are the only federally designated yellow fever vaccination centers. We have been in operations for over 10 years. Our experienced staff and physicians are here to meet all your travel needs!

STI & Youth Clinic

This clinic is under the supervision of Dr. Lionel Mandell, MD, FRCP (C), FRCP (LOND), and Dr. Trina Liew, MD, CCFP.

Diagnostic Services

The diagnostic services we offer include:
• General Ultrasound
• X-ray
• Bone Mineral Density

Like our walk-in clinic, our Diagnostic Services facility is also open 7 days per week.

Travel Clinic

The One-Stop Travel Clinic is staffed by Dr. Thomas Van, MD, CCFP, ABFP, and Dr. Lionel Mandell, MD, FRCP (C), FRCP (LOND).

Clinic History

The One-Stop & Boniface Park Medical Centres of Scarborough, Ontario, began as an “urgent medical care” clinic over 40 years ago. We are now a fully staffed and professionally equipped walk-in clinic, treating multiple ailments and health conditions of entire families at our two locations.

Our walk-in clinic is open 7 days per week.